Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trinity 18

Matthew 22:34-46 - Trinity Eighteen - October 4, 2015
The Spirit of the Law & the Spirit of the Gospel
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When people reject the doctrine of the Church which is taught to us in Scripture, it soon follows that decent morality is rejected as well.  When Christian teaching goes, so does Christian living.  
The solution to fixing the growing godlessness in our culture seems to be simple enough.  More law!  Obviously this is true, and, of course, it would work to a certain extent.  It is, after all, the duty of the governing authorities, whom God has ordained, to enforce the law.  The law is good.  It is written by nature on the hearts of all men.  It keeps wickedness in bounds by coercing people to behave better for fear of punishment.  We call this the first use of the law when it acts as a curb.  Certainly our culture could benefit from a healthy dose of the law.