Sunday, October 30, 2016

Reformation Sunday

Psalm 46,etc. - Reformation Sunday - October 30, 2016
The Everlasting Gospel
This morning we celebrate the Lutheran Reformation.  The Lutheran Reformation is arguably the most significant historical event since Pentecost.  Both events turned the world upside down. 
On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit alighted on the chosen disciples with tongues of fire on their heads, and gave them power to preach the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name.  Many believed the gospel and were saved.  Many did not.  Those who believed found God’s favor in the full and free forgiveness of sins which they so dearly needed.  They feared God.  God turned to them a Father’s heart and gave them his Holy Spirit.  By faith they laid hold of the redemption that God freely offered in his Son Jesus Christ who had drowned their sins in the depth of the deepest sea. 
Those who did not believe continued to trust in their own works to earn God’s blessing.  They did not fear God.  They remained in their sin despite the fact that Jesus died and rose to remove them.  Remember how the older brother resented his father for receiving back his prodigal son?  In the same way, those who despised the grace of God also resented the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for receiving sinners to himself.